Go Green to Save Green: Sustainable Ideas for Every Business


The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce is promoting a "go-green" session for area businesses. Did you read that right? Yes indeed you did. When any Chamber of Commerce, which in the past would generally be as anti-green as possible, is sponsoring a conference like this one, something good is happening and even Mr. Jones wants to know what it is.

Go Green to Save Green is designed to provide regional businesses with practical information regarding sustainable business practices that can be easily applied to lower costs of operation, increase competitiveness, benefit your consumers and employees, and help meet your company's triple bottom line.

Gain insight from several of the region's most environmentally friendly companies, including a feature presentation on the "Triple Bottom Line," followed by two back-to-back panel discussions: "The Business Case for Sustainability"—an overview of sustainability facts and its impact on the region; and "Green Leaders and How to Get it Done"—a "how-to" session for any type of business, large or small.

Featured speaker will be Judy Wicks, Founder of White Dog Cafe & the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia. She alone is worth the price of admission on Friday, November 30, 2007.

Image credit::Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce website.

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