Go Green Initiative's School of Week Achieves the Unthinkable


The Go Green Initiative’s school of the week, the Mary Collins Charter School at Cherry Valley Elementary in Petaluma, California has taken on the task of building quite an environmental education program. And some of the steps they’ve taken seem truly amazing, especially if you’ve taken a peek inside a modern school building and seen how many things get thrown out on a daily basisConsider how they organize their trash at lunch and in the classroom. With 5 bins to separate the trash effectively, they’re using compostable trays and cups along with the cloth napkins used by some classes instead of the traditional throwaway paper napkins.

And they’ve made it a school policy to use only washable cups and plates for school events as well, ridding themselves of the need for disposables. Folks, it is difficult to imagine a school that’s been able to pull this off. The fashion in which the modern school functions ensures, if nothing else, the certain flow of products that come in the receiving door in one form only to leave as trash not long thereafter.

Switching to cloth towels and washing dishes for school events and parties is quite a feat indeed.

To go along with it, they've taken on the task of growing a school garden large enough to provide lunch 2X per week for the student body, and growing herbs and berries for use in the tea served at school functions.

Impressive indeed.

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via: Go Green Initiative

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