Go Green, Go to the Pub: Carbonfootyprint.com

The FIFA World Cup has already gone carbon neutral, and this radical design for a new soccer stadium certainly raised a few eyebrows. It looks like environmental consciousness in the football community is spreading like wildfire. They might seem like they would need little persuading, but soccer fans in the UK are being urged to watch their favorite team play by going down the pub. And this is not an effort by breweries to sell more beer, but rather a public education campaign from the UK Football Association to help fans reduce their environmental impact. By watching the game together on the big screen, the hope is that less individual televisions will need to be on, thus saving considerable amounts of energy. This and other sport-related green tips can be found at Carbonfootyprint.com, and the website is being backed up by a series of fun television ads featuring an environmentally aware, if slightly clichéd, trio of boisterous football enthusiasts. Click below the fold for perks and privileges that fans can enjoy by going green.
Fans are being urged, for example, to car share when going to the game (there is even an online feature for finding rides), or to use mass transit (arrangements are being made with national bus operator National Express for free travel to matches). If you can’t go to the game, or down the pub for whatever reason, then the FA are asking you to have friends over so they can all watch the match on one set, rather than four. Site users who make pledges can send their team to the top of a carbon league, and can even win prizes like meeting footballing legends, or receiving signed shirts. And with over 17,000 pledges signed so far, it would seem the campaign is having an effect. ::Carbonfootyprint.com::via Terrapass::

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