Go Green Database: A Terrific Resource for Teachers

If you're an educator who's working hard to help your students better understand the environment and our connection to it, The George Lucas Educational Foundation's recently launched "Go Green Database" looks sharp to me. And while not a part of the shining example for environmental outreach to schools that is the Go Green Initiative, it is a part of Edutopia, a terrific and well-known educational resource for teachers in general.

The database itself features Green projects, lesson plans, and other resources that can be searched by topic, grade level, cost and location. And it also allows users to add, rate and comment on or upload their own resources, becoming a permanent feature on Edutopia in the process.
As you might expect, successful students, teachers, administrators, and environmental activists have all found ways to bring knowledge and awareness of Earth's fragility into the classroom by presenting their students with opportunities to engage in action that helps them remain hopeful in the face of the serious environmental challenges today.

The "Go Green Database" certainly appears to be a great resource to further that endevour.

via:: Edutopia

Photo Credit: Bart Nagel