GM's New Strategy: "Made in China"

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"Using taxpayer money to subsidize U.S. job losses," is how the United Auto Workers (UAW) describes GM's move to tighten their belts, slash production costs, and make the most of their $15.4 borrowed billion by outsourcing to China. GM has already plucked the suckling Pontiac and Saturn from their proverbial tit and are prepared to slash a few more sucklers' in the form of U.S. Laborers...While they have not dropped the ball themselves, reports by Automotive News indicate that by 2011, GM intends to sell over 17,000 exported vehicles from China to the U.S., doubling that to over 50,000 by 2014. This would make GM the first pioneer to bring a "Made in China" vehicle to America, which is something China has been attempting to do for quite some time now.

While some folks will be supportive of GM's new focus on smaller, more economic vehicles from China, such as the Chevrolet Spark. Others are sure to bulk at the massive loss of jobs on U.S. Soil. GM plans to close 16 assembly plants by 2012, drop their hourly employment roll by 34 percent, and cut a total of 3,400 salaried positions by the end of this year.

My Question to You
After all this slashing and hashing, GM shall emerge a much more clean, lean, and sustainable company, but this begs the question. Do they deserve your future patronage, considering these motions could very well be construed as the frantic, knee-jerk reactions of corporate big-wigs looking after their own green, rather than that of the U.S. laborers and the environment's?

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