GM to Boost Volt PHEV Production Capacity by 50% in 2012

chevy volt assembly-line photo

Photo: GM
From 30,000 to 45,000 Units
Thanks to strong interest by the public, GM has decided to boost production of the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid by 50% in 2012. This means that instead of making 30,000, they'll make 45,000 at the Detroit-Hamtramck plant. The company is probably hoping that it can improve the economics of the Volt by reaching economies of scale faster than initially planned, and it no doubt feels Nissan breathing down its neck with its cheaper LEAF electric car that will have a higher volume from the start (Nissan is aiming for around 150,000 by 2012).
chevy volt assembly line photo

Click the photo above to see our Volt slideshow. Photo: GM

$336 million were invested in he Detroit-Hamtramck plant to prepare it for production of the Volt, part of more than $700 million that GM has invested in eight Michigan facilities to support Volt production since 2008. This includes a 33,000 square-foot battery systems lab in Warren; a battery assembly facility in Brownstown Township; and supporting engine and stamping operations in Grand Blanc, Bay City, and three plants in Flint.

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Via GM
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