GM Puts Up LIVE GREEN Grants for Teachers

If you're a great, green middle school teacher with an idea to help inspire students to live a greener life there just may be a grant with your name on it coming from GM and Discovery Education.

In fact, they'll be handing out 40 of the $1K grants along with a healthy dose of online professional development and a free digital camera to to the teachers who come up with the best ideas so they can implement and document their projects and share the magic with the rest of us.

So what, specifically, are they looking for in your idea?

Well, as a general rule they're looking for bright ideas that improve both classroom instruction and student achievement. But more specifically they're looking for ideas that inspire students to embrace green technologies and live greener lives.

Now there's a deadline for everything in life, and this one's no exception. And with June 15th coming right around the corner there's not all that much time left to submit your application. So head on over and get started; the process is brief and they promise to reach out and let winners know this summer.

It's definitely a great way to get a jumpstart on the process of greening your classroom this September.

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via: Discovery Education

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