"Globalized Consumer Society Without Oil is Nonsense" - the Findhorn Film

findhorn film photo

Image credit: LJMead66

I have posted a video before that explored the ecovillage at Findhorn, now there is a whole DVD based around this pioneering sustainable community. Only this DVD isn't just about the community—it's also about lessons we may all need to learn in the face of the impending ecological and resource challenges we face. Featuring both the people of the Findhorn Community (which has also been described as a spiritual trailer park), as well as thought-leaders and activists from around the Globe, The Turning Point is being billed as "an inspiring look at our potential to create a life-sustaining society as we face the twin challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change."

From the work of the Global Ecovillage Network to the spread of cohousing, intentional communities are rife with experimentation that may prove vital in meeting the challenges we face. This movie (available now on DVD) explores that connection.

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