Global Warming is a Hoax, and Wind Turbines are Causing It

I just wrapped up a post on the conservative media's treatment of a new study that shows wind farms alter local temperatures. Naturally, from Fox to Limbaugh, they're blasting headlines like "Wind Farms Cause Global Warming" and gleefully bellowing away about such allegedly cruel irony on cable news and radio shows.

But this strain of coverage is of a distinct nature; a breed we see rise primarily from the Fox-y corners of the media world. It's not just run-of-the-mill Democrat bashing or the usual scoffing at elite academics. This phenomenon consists of newsrooms and pundits accepting a premise that they would otherwise categorically reject in order to mock a widely accepted liberal-favored project or ideal. Hence, typically nay-saying pundits admit climate change exists when it allows them to make fun of other liberal policies.

The only—and I mean only—reason that Fox News is airing the Wind Farms Cause Global Warming story is to attempt to make liberals look like idiots. "That thing they're trying to do to fix that problem they're always whining about is making it worse! Ha!"

Yet these very newsrooms and pundits are the primary disseminators of the vast majority of material that claims to disprove the only thing that makes their punchline effective here: that human activity is causing global warming. But it doesn't matter. Since the entire newscast is an exercise in making liberals and environmentalists look stupid, the fact that said exercise is predicated upon the existence of something they spend the rest of their time scorning is irrelevant.

Just listen to this gloriously warped monologue from Limbaugh --

-- in which he holds forth about how climate change is a giant hoax, pauses only to note the wind turbine story—isn't it funny that they're causing global warming?—and blusters on once more about how it's all a big lie. No trace of cognitive dissonance is ever exhibited, because it's merely a joke he's playing on liberals who support things like addressing climate change and investing in more clean energy. It's not actual news to be taken seriously. It's just another example of dumb lefty environmentalists who can't do anything right.

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