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One reason I like Treehugger is that it give us a global perspective on environmental topcis. Where else would you get that? You may wonder, what is going on in, say, Brazil?

You don't get this kind of coverage - Turkey, Israel, London, Copenhagen, California, Beijing, Tokyo - you name it. Do use the search function on this site. However... When we see the list of companies that "supported lies about global warming" and we note that so many US companies got it so very wrong, we just think - hey, wish you would read Treehugger. And, isn't it strange, none of the companies are from Europe, or Asia:

The companies who exhibited this gross disregard for human life continue to wield power in the ongoing discussion about how to ameliorate the climate crisis. It is important to know, therefore, exactly which companies are prone to lie and distort the truth so we know not to believe them in the future.

For that reason, here, according to SourceWatch, is the list of members of the so-called Global Climate Coalition, who tried for so long to mislead us. I hope you'll digg or stumble or email this post around to make sure it is seen and read and to show these companies that we won't accept this kind of this behavior:

* Air Transport Association
* Allegheny Power
* Aluminum Association, Inc.
* American Automobile Manufacturers Association
* American Commercial Barge Line Co.
* American Farm Bureau Federation
* American Forest & Paper Association
* American Highway Users Alliance
* American Iron and Steel Institute
* American Petroleum Institute
* American Portland Cement Alliance
* Amoco
* Association of American Railroads
* Association of International Automobile Manufacturers
* Atlantic Richfield Coal Company
* Baker Refineries
* Bethlehem Steel
* BHP Minerals
* Chamber of Shipping of America
* Chemical Manufacturers Association
* Chevron
* Chrysler Corporation
* Cinergy
* Consumers Energy
* Council of Industrial Boiler Owners
* CSX Transportation, Inc.
* Cyprus-Amax
* Dow Chemical Company
* Drummond Company
* Duke Power Company
* DuPont
* Eastman Chemical
* Edison Electric Institute
* ExxonMobil
* Fertilizer Institute
* Ford Motor Company
* General Motors
* Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
* Greencool
* Hoechst Celanese Chemical Group
* Illinois Power Company
* Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corp.
* McDonnell-Douglas
* Mobil Corporation
* National Association of Manufacturers
* National Lime Association
* National Mining Association
* National Ocean Industries Association
* National Petrochemical and Refiners Association
* Natural Rural Electric Cooperative Association
* Norfolk Southern
* Northern Indiana Public Serv. Co.
* Ohio Edison
* Parker Drilling Company
* Process Gas Consumers
* Shell
* Society of the Plastic Industry
* Southern Company
* Steel Manufacturers Association
* TECO Energy Inc.
* Texaco
* U.S. Chamber of Commerce
* USX Corporation
* Union Carbide
* Union Pacific
* Virginia Power
* Western Fuels Association

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