Global Economic Slowdown Won't Help Reduce Carbon Emissions, Say Analysts

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I know some of you were probably thinking along these lines, that with a slowing world economy greenhouse gas emissions might start dropping in line with industrial output. Its a kind of environmental schadenfreude. Things may be going to hell in a hand basket from one economic perspective, but we can take pleasure in the fact that the environmental damage caused by industrial activities will be a little less. Too bad that won't be the case.
Per Lekander, an analyst with UBS had this to say:

Increasing Electric Demand Outweighs Decreasing Industrial Output
After telling Reuters that even though economic slowdowns may reduce carbon emissions from industrial activity 1 or 2 percent, "Electricity demand is up and [...] that will outweigh the lower industrial production." He added that overall emissions are likely to be up because of increase power demand.

Abyd Karmali, Merrill Lynch's global head of carbon emissions said, "You'd expect a stabilization, rather than rises, in industrial sector output and emissions over the next few years. The broader economic picture is still quite gloomy."

via :: Reuters
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