Global Corporate Environmental & Sustainability Index

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Ever want to see a normalized, 3rd-party ranking of corporate environmental and socio-economic performance? Many big companies report this performance on their own recycled paper. Because metrics and styles differ widely from company to company, however, a standalone report has little meaning. A global economy calls for global context. The Roberts Environmental Center at Claremont McKenna College uses student labor to normalize corporate sustainability self-reports into an easy-to-grasp index. Industries are grouped by sector: hence the partial Pulp and Paper sector excerpt shown above is just one of many that are available. The chemical sector was the "default" when we last looked.Index criteria are transparent and straightfoward to use. CAVEAT: they're frequently updating and page availability seems to be affected while work is ongoing.

Claremont McKenna students feed the in formation as they learn about what makes industry tick. Independent philanthropic revenues keep the project moving. Thought provoking and way more interesting than the usual governmental profiles.