Global Climate Treaty "Impossible" this December


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Now, I know this might seem like I'm lending my voice to the media's climate treaty roller coaster ride here--but this is pretty bad (if unsurprising) news indeed. Yvo de Boer, the top UN climate negotiator (ie, the guy running the COP15 global climate talks), has publicly said that there's no way that an agreement on a full-fledged global climate treaty can be reached this December.According to Bloomberg, de Boer said that while a binding climate treaty is now "impossible," progress can still be made:

Delegates from about 190 nations meeting in the Danish capital should instead focus on "four key political essentials" involving emissions cuts for developed nations, efforts to be made by developing countries, climate aid and governance, de Boer said today on a conference call. The final details must be filled in next year, he said.
The COP15 meeting can still lay the groundwork for meaningful political climate action--just because the entire treaty won't be completed doesn't mean that this isn't still one of the most important international summits in history. And it will still likely have far reaching effects--and according to de Boers, it must:
"Copenhagen can and must agree on the political essentials that make a long-term response to climate-change clear and realistic," de Boer told reporters. "We do not have another year to sit on our hands."
Indeed not.

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