Global Change Consequences in South America E-Book Release

A vast publication on the effects of global climate changes in South America was recently released in its digital edition, free of charge and downloadable in PDF format.

The book is called 'A Contribution to Understanding the Regional Impacts of Global Change in South America', and gathers the studies of several specialists that were presented in the II Regional Conference on Global Change: South America.

It is divided in two areas: Modeling and Regional Climatic Change in Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems, and Social Impacts on Regional Climatic Changes. The first includes information about the global climate change impact on the glaciers and permafrost of Southern Argentina and Antarctica, in Terrestrial Ecosystems like Amazon, in Chile, climatic change and the agricultural sector, and global change and plant diseases, among many others.

The second section, about social impacts, includes studies about climate change and human health, changes in the urban environment, re-emergent diseases due to global change, water supply, impacts of climate change in the electro energetic sector, environmental changes and the perception of society, and mitigation policies and economic impacts.

One thing that came from this publication and makes the situation worse, says IEA, is that, "there is not a broad perception of global change and its consequences in society. Many people see this as something distant, that will happen in 100 years or more". Very interesting material for those investigating the subjects and looking for information.

This is also an advance for the III Regional Conference on Global Change: South America, which will take place in November. ::Download book

[Via ::IEA newsletter]

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