Glenn Beck Calls Several Enviro Groups 'Communist', Offers No Evidence


When Glenn Beck began his attacks on Van Jones and then the Apollo Alliance, many progressives remained silent as his theories began to be accepted by some, resulting in Jones eventually leaving the White House. Now Beck has turned his fire to some progressive groups that have lent their support to the Wisconsin protestors, including, whom he labeled as a communist organization on his Thursday and Friday Fox show. For full disclosure, I'm good friends with many of the staff. Maybe that's why Beck's rantings to me are both comical and frightening. The idea that my friends could be a Beck target, and that he would appear on the air and label them subversives, traitors, communists or worse scares me, so I hope by showing this video early, before the hysteria begins, we can cut Beck off at the pass before he goes overboard. The best disinfectant is sunshine, right?

Here's the video, via Media Matters, of Beck laying out his latest conspiracy:

In reality, of course. has done some of the best organizing and educating around climate change on the planet. Far from a global conspiracy, it is providing ways for everyday people to plug into the green energy movement and become inspired. I admire them, and so should Mr. Beck.

Here are some photos to remind people just what does.