Give Your Stuff Away Day: A Celebration of Generosity

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No sooner had I published my post on Tuesday about rethinking our relationship with stuff, that I get a press release for Give Your Stuff Away Day. Billed as a fun, community event, the idea is to create a celebration in which we share our unwanted possessions—diverting valuable materials from landfill, and maybe even meeting our neighbors in the process. Of course we've covered curb-side shopping and dumpster diving before, but there are plenty of people who are nervous, maybe even embarrassed, about rifling through someone's trash. So the idea of Give Your Stuff Away Day (formerly Curb Day), in which households across America will place unwanted items on the curb for others to collect, is genius.

The day itself is slated for May 15th, 2010, so there is plenty of time to prepare. But start spreading the word early. For this to be a real success, there needs to be a high level of participation. So let your neighborhood know in advance, or maybe even plan a block party to celebrate.

And for those who have stuff they just have to get rid of now, Give Your Stuff Away suggests leaving useful items to the left of your trash can. That way you are sending a clear signal to the scavengers and the gleaners out there that this is fair game for them.

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