Germany Stands Up For Science - Maintains 40% by 2020 Emissions Reductions Pledge

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Some nations are already backpeddling on greenhouse gas reduction commitments in the wake of Copenhagen, but not Germany. According to Reuters the world's sixth largest carbon emitter will be standing by its target of 40% emission reductions by 2020, regardless of what other nations do:Initially Germany had a target of 30% by 2020, but raised it, hoping that along with the EU commitment of 20% minimum increasing to 30% if other nations offered substantial cuts, it would increase chances of getting a strong global agreement signed in Copenhagen.

We all saw how well that worked.

If Something Is Right To Do, It's Right Even If No One Else Does It
All I have to say is that good on Germany for managing to see past short-term industry and geopolitical interests that are by and large (if not entirely) plaguing nations, rich and emerging alike. Standing up politically for the sort of action that science demands here, even when neighbors and economic competitors are showing less resolve, is entirely what needs to happen to break the 'you go first, no you go first' mentality.

Obviously we will have to wait and see whether these targets are actually met, and how long Germany's resolve lasts, but it's certainly encouraging.

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