Germany Considers Allowing Seventeen Nuclear Plants To Remain Operating


Germany May Keep Nuclear Plants Running
The plan adopted in that preceding German administration had been to phase out nuclear power generation by 2020. Apparently, there are 17 nuclear plants still operating in Germany; and, Chancellor Angela Merkel, reacting to the political sentiments unleashed by growing electricity bills and the need to meet GHG-equivalent emission reduction commitments, is asking for a reconsideration of the nuclear phaseout goal. In spite of the fact that Germany did not, historically speaking, have much nuclear capacity to begin with (see graphic), there is popular sentiment behind this changing vision.
Polls show most Germans oppose nuclear power but skyrocketing energy costs have sparked the calls to reconsider the phase-out...Some conservative leaders have proposed using the potential surplus from allowing Germany's power plants to continue operation to lower energy bills -- a suggestion polls published at the weekend showed is gaining some support.
Germany is quite far ahead of the USA and Canada in the setting of government incentives for renewable power; and, they continue to expand those opportunities. (For an example, see Germany Targets 125000 Megawatts Of Wind Power By 2030) Yet in spite of those advances, the possibility of needing nuclear power is dawning.

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Via::Yahoo News/AFP, Merkel calls for slower nuclear phase-out in Germany Image credit::NEI Nuclear Notes, CFR’s Balancing Benefits and Risks of Nuclear Energy, Historical Nuclear Capacity Additions

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