Germans Mount Massive Protest Against Nuclear Power

Masses take to the streets against nuclear power in Germany photo

Image: Anti-Atom Demo

Germans saved plenty of fossils fuels on Saturday the 28th of May, as no cars could pass through the crowds marching through the centers of over 20 German cities. Over 160,000 people joined a coordinated demonstration under the motto "Atomkraft -- Schluss" (End Nuclear Power). The action sent a message at a critical point in political negotiations over the energy future of Germany.The governing CDU party made an abrupt about-face after the Fukushima disaster in Japan. After the CDU recovered power from the previous Red-Green coalition, they acted quickly to reverse a law that the Red-Greens implemented to close down nuclear plants. The CDU insisted that permits would be extended only with adequate proof of the safety of nuclear plants. And the nuclear operators were required to put a big chunk of the windfall profits from permit extensions into a fund to support green energy alternatives.

After Fukushima, the political landscape changed dramatically. On Monday, a CDU-sponsored committee will issue a report which is expected to declare their conviction that Germany can be out of nuclear power within a decade. The anti-nuclear demonstrators hope that their action will send a clear signal to the government in support of that withdrawal.

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