George Will Joins Chamber to Call for Scope's Trial on Climate Change

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Clarence Darrow, defense attorney in the Scopes evolution case, and William Jennings Bryan, associated prosecuting counsel.

Washington Post columnist George Will has again entered the climate fray. The last time he did this, Will was called out for spreading misinformation by his own newspaper not less than three times. If you remember, Will was shot down over his assertion that climate change was not melting the Arctic. Now he's back at it, and he's joined with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to call for a "Scopes Monkey Trial" on the veracity of climate change science. In his Oct. 1 column, Will writes:

America needs a national commission appointed to assess the evidence about climate change. Alarmists will fight this because the first casualty would be the carefully cultivated and media-reinforced myth of consensus -- the bald assertion that no reputable scientist doubts the gravity of the crisis, doubts being conclusive evidence of disreputable motives or intellectual qualifications. The president, however, could support such a commission because he is sure "there's finally widespread recognition of the urgency of the challenge before us." So he announced last week at the U.N. climate change summit, where he said the threat is so "serious" and "urgent" that unless all nations act "boldly, swiftly and together" -- "time . . . is running out" -- we risk "irreversible catastrophe." Prince Charles agrees. In March, seven months ago, he said humanity had 100 months -- until July 2017 -- to prevent "catastrophic climate change and the unimaginable horrors that this would bring." Evidently humanity will prevent this.

Like Will, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the nation's largest business group, is asking the EPA to hold public hearings on the science of climate change. The Chamber filed a 21-page petition with EPA asking it to approve hearings so the nation can have a "credible weighing" of the scientific documentation that global warming endangers human health.

Bill Kovacs, the chamber's vice president for environment, a misnomer if there ever was one, said that the hearings would be a modern day "Scopes Monkey Trial," the 1925 trial that put evolution on trial.

The United Nations Environment Program released a report that predicts the planet will warm by 6.3 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century. Instead of sounding the alarm, Will used his column inches to say that the study is a good reason for inaction. The report says that even we were to use maximum force we still will experience temperature rise. Will's answer: "So, we are doomed. So, why try?"

While Will is siding with the Chamber, others are leaving. In the past few weeks, Nike, Exelon, and PG&E; have all taken action against the group for its backward looking stance on climate legislation.

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