George Monbiot on the Stern Report

George Monbiot has raised the ire of TreeHugger readers before, who thought that we (and he) were completely nuts- Remember Flying is Dying? In six months, that idea has gone mainstream. Now, in the light of the new Stern Report, He has the following recommendations, which some might consider, well, nuts. He proposes:

1) a 90% decrease in greenhouse emissions by 2030.
2) Give everyone a personal carbon ration. If you run out, buy it from someone else.
3) Every new house should be built to the German PassiveHaus standard: no heating system.
4) ban incandescent lights, patio heaters and garden floodlights.
5) redeploy the nuclear missile budget to wind turbines.
6) stop all road building and widening programs; invest in coaches and trains.
7) make every gas station have battery charging stations for overnight wind-powered charging
8) Freeze and then reduce airport capacity.
9) ban and close out-of-town superstores.

Oh, and all of this between 4 and 10 years from now. It sounds extreme, but if past is prelude, look forward to this kind of discussion in America in six months. ::the Guardian