George Monbiot Going to Climate Camp


We were so excited by the thought of the Camp for Climate Action, "Eight days of low-impact living, debates, learning skills, and high-impact direct action tackling the root causes of climate change." Then Heathrow got all huffy at the idea of a bunch of kids throwing frisbees around at the end of the runway and got an injunction to stop them, or at least three of the camp directors. They are going anyways, and say to the Guardian: "The Camp for Climate Action is not covered by the injunction that was granted at the high court today, and will be going ahead as planned. The final injunction provides no additional powers of arrest, and covers a much smaller geographical area, which will not include the camp. Everyone, including the named injunctees, is therefore free to come to the camp."

Even more exciting: George Monbiot is packing his croquet mallet and going too. He says "Oh, we can keep signing our petitions and writing our letters to MPs and making earnest appeals to common sense, but we know that we will be fobbed off until it is too late to prevent runaway climate change. Only those who have not grasped the implications could argue that the need to avoid disrupting a few holiday flights outweighs the need to reverse the growth in aviation.

By joining the climate camp at Heathrow next week, you will be making a stand not only against climate change, but also against the attempt by BAA to stop people from agitating for a better world. What began as an environmental demonstration has now also become a protest for democracy. I will be there. What about you? ::George Monbiot