Gensler's Gervais Thompkin at Opportunity Green on Rethinking the Modern Workspace (Video)

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As a principal for global architecture megahouse Gensler, Gervais Thompkin has rethought how multi-disciplinary scientific communities collaborate, helped support a shift from post-crime forensics to pre-crime intelligence, reduced the carbon footprint of work by reorganizing workspace for mobility, used ethnographic design processes to mitigate the negative experiential effects of increased airport security processes, and studied social media and small company networks as inspiration for new mixed use urban prototypes. That's a lot to tackle. I met up with with Thompkin at Opportunity Green earlier this month, where he was a speaker. In the video below the fold, he talks about redefining the workplace for sustainability. In Thompkin's world, that has a lot more to do with understanding how virtual our work has become than it does with using low-VOC paint or recycled carpet. In fact, as he describes, his job a an architect has largely become about "supporting work in a non-spatial way." Bonus: The approach will save companies a bundle, too. Click through to find out why.

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