Geeky Good Causes, Philanthropic Boy Wonders, and Literary Tree-hugging

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Geek out for a good cause! "Lend a Helping Hard Drive." gives you the downlow on Mozilla Service Week, a Firefox-fueled initiative to spread the technological love.

It's easy to cringe thinking about the 30 million trees used to print books in the US, but the Green Press Initiative is crusading hard to make recycled paper a major priority for publishers everywhere. Check out "Literary Tree Hugging."

"Meet Joshua Williams, Philanthropic Boy Wonder." He's distributed 250,000 pounds of food by eight years old!

In "French Kisses," a student is spreading the love in the City of Lights, planting wet ones (ew) on strangers all over gay Paree as part of a personal challenge to push past fear and have more fun.

Top it all off with some feel-good brain candy, courtesy of the Smile File! It's riddled with very important matters this week: a teapot blow, a Chippendale's dance-off, Kanye's mystery solved.

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