Garimpo+Fuxique: Repurposed Fabrics Furniture, Clothes and Accessories

Garimpo+Fuxique, repurposed fabrics clothes and furniture in Brazil.

Garimpo+Fuxique is the combination of a clothing and deco shops in Sao Paulo, Brazil, both centered on the idea of fabrics repurposing.

Garimpo stands for the decoration part of the shop, which hosts refurbished chairs, bed clothes, pillows, lighting accessories and even beach-ware such as umbrellas and bikinis. The style of the shop is defined by its hosts as a combination of extremes: romantic and modern, chic and popular, simple and luxurious, new and old. Fuxique is the clothing brand, which offers a whole line of garments, bags, accessories and necessaires. The clothes are produced with rare vintage pieces of fabric, some over 50 years old.

Even though not based in a new idea, this shop's great looking creations show how good repurposing can look when done right. Check many more pics in the extended.

Via Design Natural.Apart from contributing with waste reduction with their repurposing, Garimpo+Fuxique has now adopted a new challenge: Zero Carbon Emissions. According to their website, the brand is working with The Green Initiative to plant trees from species native of Mata Atlantica in a degraded area of Sao Paulo.

Garimpo is designed by a group of creators that include: Bianca Barbato, Calu Fontes, Dormirpradespertar, Felipe Morozini, Odalisca, and Rodrigo Bueno. Fuxique has its own line and the help of a group of stylists called Amonstro, Ash, Daniella Zylbersztajn, Dieego, A figurinista, Muggia, Pat Falcão and Xaa.

Via Design Natural
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Garimpo+Fuxique, refurbished bench.

Series of refurbished benches.
Garimpo+Fuxique, refurbished chair.

Refurbished chair on crafted wall.
Garimpo+Fuxique, refurbished chair.

Another refurbished chair with great mix of patterns.
Garimpo+Fuxique, repurposed-fabrics cushions.

Cushions with repurposed fabrics.
Garimpo+Fuxique, repurposed-fabrics clothes.

Clothes with recovered fabrics.
Garimpo+Fuxique, repurposed-fabrics clothes.

Another combination of clothes with recovered fabrics.

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