Gaiam and Conservation Fund Launch "Go Zero"

Last week eco-lifestyle company, Gaiam, announced that they have partnered with The Conservation Fund to launch the world's first sustainable shipping program. Called "Go Zero," the initiative gives online customers the opportunity to add a small donation at checkout that goes directly to The Conservation Fund. These donations enable the planting of trees to offset carbon dioxide emissions that result from product shipping. The Conservation Fund launched "Go Zero" last year to engage individuals and companies around the world in the effort to reduce carbon dioxide pollution and it has inspired such leading companies as Gaiam to offset their carbon emissions. "Go Zero" has also caught on with celebrities, including Daryl Hannah, Terrance Howard, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard and Minnie Driver. Gaiam is also offering "The Gift of Zero," a gift certificate that allows people to purchase trees to be planted in the recipient's name. In addition, the company will be joining its customers on a corporate level. They have measured the carbon dioxide emissions of office energy use and staff travel and is neutralizing this carbon dioxide "footprint" through donations to "Go Zero" that will enable The Conservations Fund to plant 12.5 acres of trees. ::Gaiam