Ga-Ga Over Green Baby Products and Advice From Ecorattle


Photo by Jose Manuel Suarez/ Graphic courtesy of Ecorazzi.

From the founders of Ecorazzi comes super eco-baby blog Ecorattle.

And it couldn't have popped up at a more opportune time. With recent concerns over toy safety, the spotlight is on all items our kids come in contact with, and the laundry list of concerns is long: baby bottles leeching BPA, carcinogens found in bath toys, formaldehyde-laden baby furniture...It's enough to worry any new parent.

But not anymore...What we love about Ecorattle is the practical information—lots of details about baby products, from organic onesies to eco-friendly bath toys to natural and organic soaps and lotions.

But the site is more than just product info.

There's also a healthy dose of advice. One post looks at the best time to paint a nursery to prevent your infant from VOC exposure, and another explores natural cold remedies. There are even posts on green birth control, to, well, keep your brood from expanding more quickly than you'd like.

And for moms and dads who want to keep up with celeb news, there's even a section of the site devoted to eco-friendly celeb mommies and daddies.

Created by new-daddy and "serial-blogger" Michael d'Estries—who also happens to be a co-founder of both Ecorazzi and GroovyGreen—Ecorattle is billed as, "All that's shakin' in green baby news."

While the site lacks Ecorazzi's critical bite, it is still in its infancy, so we're withholding final judgment. Still, we'd like to see some greenwashing exposed, because we know it's out there, and no one—not even sweet little babies and all the stuff that comes along with 'em—are immune.

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