G8 Nations Hit Brick Wall On Climate


Via BBC:- "Germany's environment minister, Sigmar Gabriel, says the United States has blocked progress on two key issues to protect the global environment. He was speaking after a two-day meeting of environment ministers in the German city of Potsdam. The issues were carbon emissions trading and rewarding developing nations for protecting their natural assets, he said." Present were Ministers from United States, Canada, France, UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, Russia, Brazil, India, China Mexico and South Africa. The simple truth is that the US will resist strongly all international climate protection steps until at least three underlying conditions are satisfied. One is that US energy companies, which make extensive campaign donations to both political parties, must demand proactive change of the candidates they support. Two is that the US State Department, US Commerce Department, and Environmental Protection Agency must be encouraged to speak openly and act as change agents for climate protection. Three is that a majority of US voters must clearly express their support for a foreign policy leadership role, as espoused in a winning Presidential campaign platform. Obviously, these conditions can be met no sooner than 2009. Until then, global progress is blocked by the brick wall of reality. Inside the US, positive governmental leadership happens at the State and local levels. That leaves plenty of good things to work on.