G-Oil, Made From Animal Fat, Becomes Official Oil for Le Mans Series

American Series Le Mans Racing Photo

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It is official folks. The environmentally friendly oil from Green Earth Technologies (GET) has become the official motor oil of the American Le Mans Series and International Motor Sports Association (IMSA). This is big news on the transportation front, as building public awareness and confidence in green products is most effective when the big players take an interest in the environment.The Deal of the Decade as far as Advancements in Green Motor Oil Goes
G-oil won't exactly be used in the race engines just yet, but the Le Mans Series has deemed the green oil more than substantial to lubricate and protect their safety trucks being used throughout the race season. The G-Oil logo will also be featured prominently in all races and advertisements for the next two years.

Having this advertisement will be a big shot in the arm as far as bringing green awareness to car enthusiasts around the world. "The Series is synonymous with high performance and aligning G-OIL with those same quality standards, will give consumers the confidence to go green with their own engines." says Jeffrey Loch, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of GET.

I've had the pleasure to watch G-oil grow over this past year and have really been quite impressed by both their product and progress. G-Oil is a animal fat derived oil which uses no petroleum what-so-ever in its production process. What emerges from their patented process is an oil that is clean, green, non-toxic, biodegradable, and will not release harmful gases into the atmosphere when burned.

Unlike traditional petrochemical-based motor oils from leading manufacturers, Green Earth Technologies' G-OIL is made with American-grown renewable animal fats. These saturated fats, whose molecular single-bond carbon chains are similar to common petroleum oils, have no harsh effects on the environment, and drastically cut our dependence on foreign oil.

About the American Le Mans Series
We've seen the greening of a lot of automotive racing series, such as Formula One and The American Le Mans. In the tradition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the green series features four classes of vehicles, two prototype and two GT. All vehicles in the Series have the choice of racing with one of four alternative fuels, clean sulfur-free diesel, cellulosic E85, E10, or gas-electric hybrid.

Each racing season operates on a 10-race schedule that is marketed all throughout North America. It is the popularity of racing series such as these that will bring new awareness to enthusiasts who may not have been properly introduced to the green lifestyle. The Treehugger community is great as it is, but we can only grow stronger by increasing our numbers. Welcome aboard new Huggers!

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