G-Oil: Bio-Oil Passes API Tests, Soon to be in Retail Stores

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If you haven't heard about the innovative idea of G-oil, developed by Green Earth Technologies (GET), it is basically a non-petroleum based motor oil, that uses, well, no petroleum. It is actually derived from animal fats which are processed into an effective oil for lawn mowers, scooters, mopeds, motorcycles, hybrids, and regular gasoline/diesel vehicles.

We have talked about G-oil before, especially for use in 2-cycle engines, but up until now it has not been offered as an approved substitute for regular oil/synthetic. Yesterday, GET released an announcement that there brand of motor oil has now passed the rigorous tests done by The American Petroleum Institute (API) and has been approved for use in automotive applications:

It was announced today that their G-OIL ultimate biodegradable green motor oils met and passed all the engine test criteria for The American Petroleum Institute (API) SM Certification. API'S SM rating is the highest rating for gasoline engine oil certification. Tests were conducted by a nationally recognized independent third party testing facility.

This new blend of oil has been compared to the effectiveness of any crude oil/petroleum blend, which have long been praised for their protection of our vehicles vital internals. The one big difference of this bio-blend is not just its unique production process, but also its complete friendliness to the environment.

This stuff is so friendly you could actually pour it over your pancakes for breakfast, and still make it to work to tell the tale... now we won't talk about what would happen to you about an hour or two into your day after chugging down a few tablespoons of solid animal fat, but needless to say you would survive.

This unique bio-blend not only offers safe human contact, but when it is burned in your vehicle (every vehicle burns at least a little oil), what comes out the exhaust is also just a little more gentle to the environment, not to mention that we are moving away from our dependence on crude oil.

But as all good things must succumb to eventually, this is not a perfect product many would say, and why is that? Well, obviously because it uses animal fat. Folks of the Hindu religion and Vegan capacity look at this stuff and cry, "Holy cow... is that stuff really made from a cow?"

Well, yes it is, but we asked the GET PR team about this fly in their ointment (oil) and they reminded us that "(this) animal fat is a byproduct of the meat processing industry. We are not actively farming animals to make G-Oil, thus the process is not against the Hindu religion."

So we leave you with the plain and simple facts... Yes, G-oil is made from a cow, but it is also biodegradable, non-toxic, effective and approved for the use in automotive applications, and has been proven to reduce the amount of toxic hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrous oxide from your tailpipe... Good or bad, you be the judge!

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