Future Visions - Chronicles of Ecotopia Event in Copenhagen Tomorrow

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Last week's guest poster Ella Saltmarshe asked if we are drowning in dystopias? Where are the positive visions of a sustainable future? Even Cop15 opened with a film of a child's nightmare of future landscapes. It's frustrating for some that even in time where we need positive energy the most we are still being bombarded with negative images. To counter-attack all the pessimism a delegation from the London Cineforum conference will be presenting their positive future visions of Ecotopia at Cop15 tomorrow to inspire the policy-makers.

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The Road to Ecotopia
The week before last a group of 150 brilliant minds gathered together in London to work on creating a strategic vision of a sustainable future, a road to Ecotopia. The event, organised by Jobeda Ali and James Parr of Fair Knowledge, set itself an enormously ambitious task to accomplish in one day, but everyone was on board from the start and we set out together on a mini adventure to pave pathways to a positive future.

Envisioning the Future
With extraordinarily inspiring speakers providing impetus throughout the day, such as Hunter Lovins, Dianne Dillon-Ridgley, Fritjof Capra, Samson Tsegaye, and Bill Becker, groups of delegates worked together to clarify the challenging position we now face in relation to climate change, outline the barriers that currently prevent us from making necessary changes for a sustainable future, and imagine what Ecotopia will look like. Everyone's ideas and strategies were charted on the Ecotopia Wall throughout the day.

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The Struggle for Consensus
The event was an intriguing challenge and in many respects was an amazing success with many great presentations, conversations and interactions between delegates. There was a wonderful cross section of delegates, with a particularly strong female presence, not only the amazing Hunter Lovins and Dianne Dillon-Ridgley, but also Donna Young from BT, Polly Higgins, Nicky Gavron, Dr Hazel Henderson, Malini Mehra, Sema Judge, Lea Simpson, as well as yours truly representing TreeHugger! However the day was not without its struggles and it did highlight just how difficult it is for a group of people, no matter how intelligent, to come to a consensus on how to achieve a sustainable future.

The overwhelming impression of Cineforum is that all the brilliant minds who are working for a better future have a good understanding of where we are now and where we want to be in the future, but when we try and pin down how exactly we are going to get there it all become very tricky and the details are unclear. However, having a clear vision of this conundrum felt like a step forward in itself, no one said the path to Ecotopia would be easy or straightforward - we know there's still a lot of work to do!

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Chronicles of Ecotopia
Cineforum was like a mini scale version of Cop15 in a day, with all the inspiration, determination and struggles we are now seeing played out on the world stage during the two week summit in Copenhagen. Significantly the Cineforum team will be presenting the outcomes of The Road to Ecotopia conference tomorrow in Copenhagen with Bill Becker, Director of the Presidential Climate Action Project in the US and Jacqueline McGlade, Director of the European Environment Agency.

Join the Event
You can join the Chronicles of Ecotopia event tomorrow, Wednesday, December 16,from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM at the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen to learn more about the Cineforum conference, watch films by IDEO, Micro Macro Monde, and Fair Knowledge, and contribute your own visions of Ecotopia to the ongoing debate. How do you think we should get there?

There are limited places so do sign up for the event on the eventbrite page.
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