Fur Flies As Canadian Politician Drapes Family In Coyote Skins And Fur Blankets

trudeau family christmas card

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau's Christmas Card. The blanket is a bit much...

Up-and-coming politician and son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau Justin Trudeau says "it's just a Christmas card." That's like former Governor General Michaelle Jean downing her bite of seal heart and calling it "just a snack."

It's not just a card, it's a statement. A wag at the Montreal Gazette says he's "gone too fur," while PETA is, unsurprisingly, outraged.
The National Post
quotes PETA spokeperson Jane Dollinger:

The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals called the use of fur in a greeting card "lurid."

"Coyotes killed for their fur are usually caught in the wild in steel-jaw traps, which have been banned in dozens of countries and often cause coyotes and other animals to gnaw off their own legs in an attempt to escape," the group said in a statement.

"Many a Canadian Christmas has been ruined after a family dog or cat has died in one of these traps. Wearing the product of such misery for a Christmas card is a pretty lurid way of celebrating peace on Earth."

pierre trudeau john lennon

Justin's father Pierre with friends; image credit Museum of Civilization

Trudeau, noting that his father was famous for his fur coats, Tells the Sun that he did nothing wrong.

"I think one of the ways of calculating whether you're doing things right or not is looking at who's opposing you and PETA has lost much of any credibility it had in Canada...It's a family tradition to know how to keep warm in the winter."

Manufacturers of the Parkas, the Canada Goose company, claims that "it sources fur in a humane way" and their website claims sound plausible:

We use Coyote fur only as absolutely necessary, and exclusively for functional purposes.
Our jackets are -and always have been- used in the coldest places on earth. In such
 climates, where skin can freeze in an instant, the coyote fur creates a warm environment 
in the most critical area -around the face. The warm pocket of air keeps exposed skin
 warm and ensures that exhaled air does not freeze. It is for precisely this reason that the
 technologies of centuries past used fur for protection against the extreme cold. Today
 we are able to use as little fur as possible, while maintaining the critical functionality of 
this sort of product....We recognize that there are some who oppose the use of animal fur under any circumstances.

But that doesn't explain the blanket, Justin.

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