Fun with Asbestos: The CSI Fingerprinting Kit for Kids


With all of the concern over lead in toys, and the international attention that’s been focused on it, the folks at the Asbestos Disease Awareness Foundation have been quietly testing toys for asbestos. And, intriguingly, they’ve found it in a variety of products including the CSI Fingerprint Examination Kit and two brands of play clay including Art Skills’ Clay Bucket; along with home products such as cleanser, roof sealers and duct tape.

The CSI Fingerprinting Kit has a collection of plastic tools and three types of powders, two of which had high levels of asbestos, which is especially concerning because kids will be touching the powder as they search for fingerprints.
Now according to the manufacturer of the CSI kit, Planet Toys, "The kit has been tested and has met all safety standards requirements as set by toy safety agencies and legislation, including the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The agencies don't require asbestos testing and therefore we have never been apprised of any unacceptable levels of asbestos."

Unfortunately, it's just another reason to be concerned about the safety of toys this holiday season.

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via:: Green Daily

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