Fun and Games at Camp for Climate Action


The Camp Arowhon of my childhood was never like this; the Camp for Climate Action at Heathrow Airport just keeps getting more exciting. All kinds of activities are planned, although kite flying is off the schedule. Like many summer camps, there will be a dressup night where campers wear formal clothing and stewardess uniforms for a song and dance number. Grumpy outsiders think the costumes are to infiltrate airport security, but camp director John Jordan says "If BAA think they are real stewardesses they have got really bad fashion sense."

Rarely have campers been so well protected; up to 1800 police officers are expected to coddle the 2000 campers expected this weekend. They are a diverse crowd; the Daily Mail describes them as "eco-zealots, professionals, modern warriors, hardliners and nimbys." It is even being blogged minute by minute in the ::Guardian.