Fukushima Nuclear Crisis Causes India To Review But Not Halt 9.9 GW Mega-Power Plant

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Much of the non-Japan focus on nuclear power as the crisis at Fukushima continues has been on Chinese, European and North American plans. Well, as China Dialogue points out, India too is reevaluating its nuclear options--and changed it's position somewhat about the 9.9 GW mega-nuke plant planned for Jaitapur, south of Mumbai.

After months spent riding roughshod over protesters fighting the project in the state of Maharashtra, the Indian government has adopted a slightly different tune. The authorities say they will review and enhance safety features at the proposed plant, though they still insist "there is no alternative to nuclear power".

Why is the proposed Jaitapur plant so opposed, beyond the normal objections on safety grounds? 1) Project developers have been accused on under-assessing the land so they can get it for less money, when in fact rather than being "barren" two-thirds is under active and lucrative use growing mangos. 2) Nearby fishing grounds, much of the catch from which is exported to Japan and the European Union, are jeopardized by water discharge plans which would raise the sea temperature to the point that the EU market would be off limits.

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