Fuel Prices Fuel Protests Around the World

protesting fuel prices spain photo

It's crazy out there; Matthew writes that the US stalls on renewable energy incentives, while around the world, people are taking to the streets to protest the rising cost of fuel. American politicians think they have all the time in the world to look for alternatives, while people are dying in fuel riots in Spain.

Spaniards are hoarding food and fuel because the truck drivers are on strike and blockading the border; In France, the highways are backed up all the way to Bordeaux, 200 km (125 miles) away. People are lining up at gas stations, 40% of which have run out of fuel.

According to the National Post, the stoppage by Spanish truck drivers, which Portuguese drivers have also joined, was backed by protests across the border in France over the impact of high oil prices.

korea protest photo

In South Korea, truck drivers are striking and the entire cabinet resigned after up to a million people took to the streets. The newspapers say it is about American meat imports, but others say that it is a protest against surging prices and slowing growth.

In Hong Kong, 500 minibuses, trucks and garbage trucks are staging a go-slow protest, demanding that all fuel taxes be scrapped. ::National Post

In India and Nepal, there were riots.

canada protest photo

In Canada, workers are at the barricades around General Motors headquarters, protesting the loss of their jobs as GM closes it's truck plants in Oshawa, putting thousands out of work. High fuel prices have translated into nonexistent sales for the big pickups they make.

scotland protest photo

In Scotland, Angry hauliers (truck drivers) yesterday threatened a campaign of disruption and warned of crippling strike action in Scotland unless the Government acts to ease the high cost of fuel. More than 80 trucks travelled in convoy from Glasgow to Edinburgh yesterday to demand action to combat the high cost of fuel. ::Times

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