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BBC News video segment: The UK government faces court action over claims millions are in fuel poverty despite a pledge to eradicate it.

Old age pensioner Philys Webb says fuel is more of a worry for her than food. It's estimated that 5 million people in the United Kingdom are living in "fuel poverty," meaning they need to spend 10 percent of their income on gas and electricity. In 2000, the UK government committed itself in law to eliminating fuel poverty for vulnerable households (those with children, pensioners, or disabled people) by 2010 and for everyone by 2016. It is widely believed the government will miss these targets outlined in The Warm Homes and Energy Conservation Act 2000. Friends of the Earth thinks energy-efficiency and renewable powers sources are the solutions to fuel poverty as well as climate change.

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Fuel poverty strategy legal challenge

This past October 6-7, Help the Aged and Friends of the Earth argued before the High Court that the UK government is breaking the law in not doing everything reasonable to ease the problem of fuel poverty.

Energy efficiency is the long-term solution to the scourge of fuel poverty... A comprehensive programme to slash domestic energy waste would cut soaring fuel bills, tackle climate change and help reduce the UK's dependency on coal, oil and gas. This should be kick-started by a windfall tax on energy firms' profits.

Friends of the Earth's greener homes campaigner, Dave Timms

Details of the Friends of the Earth action items and more.

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PHOTO: Mary Phillips, 72, joins Friends of the Earth and Help the Aged outside the Royal Courts of Justice to protest at the Government's failure to end fuel poverty. © Amelia Collins/Friends of the Earth.

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