Fuel Cell Car Rally

Feul Cell.jpg
MSNBC.com recently ran a good article in which their writer followed a fuel cell car rally for five days on the road. Encouraging to know that there’s enough hydrogen-powered cars already out there to be roving around in gangs. ::MSNBC.com

The bennies of fuel cars over electric plug-ins or air-powered ones is that hydrogen 1) is rampantly available and 2) would allow drivers to instantly refuel, rather than wait to recharge. The rage for this is happening in California, of course, where Gov. Arnie--despite allegedly driving around in his many Hummers--has insisted that at least 200 hydrogen fuel stations will be in place by 2010. Obstacles include safety issues, pricing, and range of distance, but we hear these babies do have nice pick up. According to the article, some experts say we should focus on hybrids, because we’ve still got a long way to go with hydrogen, but at this point, any alternative seems worthy of at least initially pursuing.