From the Front Lines of Global Warming: California Firefighter Speaks (Video)

Photo via ScrapeTV

The numbers aren't looking good--more and more Americans are ceasing to believe in the very real, scientifically proven threat of global warming. There are plenty of theories as to why this is--Americans' growing distrust of science, the powerful lobbying arms of the oil, coal, and manufacturing industries' documented ability to manufacture doubt, or a genuine inability of people to comprehend the concept of climate change. Whatever the case, a new approach seems to be in order--like hearing about the impacts of global warming from someone who's risked his life because of its effects? This California firefighter talks about the growing dangers of unmitigated global warming he sees every day. Video after the jump.

We're going to have to start focusing more on testimonials like these--the sort of apocalyptic world-is-ending rhetoric has (perhaps justifiably) become ineffective. People need to know how global warming is going to effect their region, not the world, and in the next few years, not in 100. For Californians, this means more deadly wildfires every year. Climate change is an urgent problem, and that urgency is being whittled away by commercial and political interests who would rather not see things change to protect their capital--it's time to start listening to the people who matter.

Video via Climate Progress
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