From the Forums: Grocery Store Stupid Human Tricks



Ok... So I am at the grocery store the other day in the veggie isle. I am waiting for a lady in front of me to finish so I decide to watch her.

She is looking at fresh corn on the cob. They are on sale. 10 ears for $2.00! I thought it was a decent price, and wanted to get some too. She is picking up this corn, turning it, peering cautiously into the top like something is going to jump out at her etc... She looks over and sees the prepackaged corn on the cob, looks back at the fresh one in her hand, and tosses it down, grabs the styrofoam/cellophane wrapped corn and walks off.

I was shocked! First of all, I was saddened by the fact that she CLEARLY had no idea what she was looking at with the fresh corn, but secondly that she choose the plastic wrapped corn over the no waste corn... Last but not least, she passed up 10 ears at $2.00 for the packaged corn that cost $5.40 for only 4 ears!!!!

Perhaps she just wasn't familiar with the bio-degradable packaging that fresh corn is sealed in from the farm?

Have any similar stories to share?