From the Cutting-Room Floor- Notes, ideas and links from the past week

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From National Post-click to enlarge

::New Scientist: Life's top 10 greatest inventions
a very interesting list.

::alternet:the ugly side of pretty
"Emerging science suggests that untold numbers of cosmetics and personal care ingredients may be silently and insidiously promoting cancer, ravaging women's reproductive functions and causing birth defects." This particular treehugger is male but giving his daughter a stern lecture.

::alternet: Life on Tired Earth
Treehugger likes positive. Treehugger likes fun, good design. This is just depressing. And important.


::The Blackhouse -effective recycling!

Peak Oil 'To Do' List: Why We Should Do These Things Anyway
treehugger likes Curt Cobb's list of 7 things to do to deal with the coming decline of oil production, including 1) Convert to organic agriculture and grow as much of our food locally as possible; and 7) Lead fully engaged lives every day. from ::Resource insights via :: sustainablog