From Schools to Hospitals, Fresh Healthy Vending Makes Healthy Snacking Easier

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It seems like a good sign when an eighth-grade girl says this about a vending machine stocked with things like fruit slices, (healthy) granola bars and dairy-free snacks: "All the vending machines I see have candy or soda—things that people would assume the general public wants. But actually the healthy things that are in this vending machine, everybody likes." She's talking about the Fresh Healthy Vending machine that recently came to her Denver school, and that seems to be all the rage.Based in San Diego, Fresh Healthy Vending offers 400 choices of organic and natural snack & beverage options, and is now expanding to the east coast. There are more indulgent items like cookies and crackers, but they're from brands that tend to use less-processed and more natural ingredients, like sugar instead of corn syrup, for example.

Dual-climate capacity allows the machines to be stocked with a range of healthy foods, not just room temperature- or refrigerated-only, so the soymilk and fresh fruits & veggies can sit alongside the granola bars and baked potato chips.

Provide Healthier Choices, People Will Choose Healthier Items
Maybe not always, but that's clearly what some of the kids at Denver's Graland Country Day School are proving true.

"With obesity and diabetes at an all time high, we think it's important to provide an opportunity for the people in the New York area to have healthier choices," said the franchisees who are bringing the machines to New York. So far, the machines can be found in a few schools, fitness centers, and other recreational venues—even a theater in Manhattan—and they're working to expand.

A hospital food services manager is pleased with the ability to providing healthy snacks in a convenient way—"at a hospital especially."

"Especially for some of our services, it might be the only thing that they can eat, especially the ones working late shift," he said. "Instead of getting a candy bar—that's gonna make them tired, give them a sugar boost—obviously something healthy, fresh will get them through the long late shifts."

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