From Russia With LNG: US-Bound Natural Gas Piped Across Mexican Border

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Russia hearts LNG. Via:superpoop

Unknown to each other, two world script writers have helped ensure the long term reliability of cheap US natural gas supplies. Hollywood celebrities won't suffer LNG depots in sight of their lovely coast. That's plot #1. Russia, the new big kid on the natural gas block, wants to diversify it's customer base so that, you know, no more fights over pipelines in the Stan countries. That's #2. The upshot, via Hard Assets Investor, is that "Gazprom [is] to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Shell's terminal in Baja California. The gas will then be transported via pipeline to Southern California." No matter that short term gas prices are falling steadily in the USA.

Natural Gas (NG, NYMEX) Monthly Price Chart Via: Hard Assets Investor

natural gas prices over time usa image

That Mexican border is a leaker of many essential frangibles; and, a long-range problem solver, too. The low gas prices will surely kill King Coal.

The Pickens Plan is about to turn into the Putin Plan. So much for America shedding it's addiction to Middle Eastern Oil. One drug as good as another.

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