Friggebod Fun: The Mini House by Jonas Wagell

mini house exterior photo

Friggebods are small swedish cottages; they don't need building permits for less than 150 square feet. This design by Jonas Wagell is available for purchase for 12,200 euros plus freight, with a solar power module for only 1,400 euros. A bath and kitchen module is also available.

mini house porch photo

It is available as a flatpack; just fasten it together in a weekend.

mini house interior photo

Dezeen writes: " When designing the Mini house concept Jonas Wagell put a lot of emphasis on creating a house that is not built as traditional timber houses, since that would create a sort of error in scale. Friggebod-sheds often appear shrinked, like miniature houses, drained in details and odd proportions, since they are constructed with the same components as large houses."

mini house plans photo

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