Friends of the Earth Backs away from Forest Stewardship Council

Friends of the EArth UK says FSC is ineffective in stopping deforestation photo

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Original Founders Go Cold on FSC
Generally speaking the environmental community tends to be pretty supportive of Forest Stewardship Council certification — often referred to as the "gold standard" of sustainable forestry. Granted, there have been scandals before — like Asia Pulp & Paper's controversial certification, but most of us conscious consumers still look at the FSC mark as a fairly safe guarantee that the wood does not come from ancient forests, and that it was sustainably logged. Well it seems we can no longer be so sanguine, at least if Friends of the Earth International are to be believed. According to Earth's Newsdesk, the prominent environmental group, one of the original founders of the FSC, has just announced that it is "reviewing" its support of FSC, while Friends of the Earth UK came out with an even more explicitly critical stance:
"[Friends of the Earth UK are] deeply concerned by the number of FSC certifications that are now sparking controversy and threatening the credibility of the scheme. We cannot support a scheme that fails to guarantee high environmental and social standards. As a result we can no longer recommend the FSC standard."

The announcement comes after repeated protests from groups like Ecological Internet and FSC-Watch against environmental groups supporting the standard, which they argue have "falsely suggesting cutting carbon and species rich, centuries old trees is an environmental good."

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