Friedman on "The Green Road Less Traveled"

"Imagine a day when you will go online and buy a pass to drive into any major urban area and the price of your pass will be set by whether you are driving a hybrid or a Hummer, the time of day you want to drive, the road you want to use and how much carbon your car trip will emit." That day is here in London and Stockholm and may be coming to New York, and Thomas Friedman loves the idea. "It is already proving to be the most effective short-term way to clean up polluted city air, promote energy efficiency and create more livable urban centers, while also providing mayors with unexpected new revenue." and lets the rich folk get to their offices faster while improving bus service for everyone else by keeping the riffraff off the roads.

He points out that Stockholm's system is built and run by IBM, and that the way to rebuild America's industrial sector is to create green collar jobs that are more difficult to outsource. "Which jobs are most easily outsourced? The ones vulnerable to cheap labor. Which jobs are hardest to outsource? Those that require a lot of knowledge." Worth reading (although a little bit too much green flagwaving, as is Friedman's wont) at the ::New York Times and read also Charles Komanoff in ::Grist.