French National Assembly Moves Against Fracking


Photo credit: Marcellus Protest/Creative Commons

Fracking, the extraction method that involves pumping a massive mixture of water, sand and chemicals into shale deposits to access natural gas, is receiving a ton of attention these days. There's this video that explains it, a hit documentary about it, Gasland, and now action from the French National Assembly, which approved legislation today that would ban fracking there.
The French Senate will vote before it becomes law. Danielle Mitterrand, the widow of former Socialist President Francois Mitterrand, is campaigning for the ban: "We have to eradicate the use of shale gas, we must leave our Earth alone."

New York has set up a moratorium on fracking, and a new study from Duke University's Center on Global Change has found a correlation between fracking and methane content in well water in Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania. Here's a ProPuplica piece that breaks down the study.

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