Free Market Takes That Incandescent Bulb And Shoves It (Aside)

light bulb photo

"A light bulb in black and white." Image credit:Flickr, PlastAnka

Democrats and their anti-green Republican foils are far too late to control the market for incandescent light. Both the law to help slowly phase out the incandescent bulb or the recent lobbying effort by Republican cow-tippers and pundits to repeal that law matter little, as the free market demands increased energy efficiency in commercial, industrial, or institutional buildings - residential will follow. With electricity prices projected to rise even more, and building managers and owners wanting to reduce the cost impact of frequent bulb replacement as well, the old-fashioned incandescent bulb is destined mainly to burn on only over Rush Limbaugh's studio mic. On to efficiency battle ground state.Johnson Controls, a Milwaukee-based company that is big into this market surveyed thousands of owners and developers. The Journal-Sentinel covered the survey findings:

Survey results released Thursday reveal a growing drive to make buildings more energy efficient and greener, both to help battle rising energy costs and boost public image.

The fifth annual Energy Efficiency Indicator survey of nearly 4,000 building owners and operators around the world was led by Johnson Controls' Institute for Building Efficiency, the International Facility Management Association and the Urban Land Institute.

"We are seeing record levels of energy management and reduction projects around the world, driven mainly by financial reasons, more than environmental concerns," said Dave Myers, president of Johnson Controls' Milwaukee-based building efficiency business.

Note: building energy efficiency is described as a "$1 billion business that grew 30% last year." No wonder Wisconsin's Governor, Scott Walker got a letter urging reconsideration of the Republican Legislature's proposed ending of Wisconsin's "Focus On Energy" program:
Unfortunately, actions by the Joint Finance Committee during their deliberations on the 2011-13 biennial budget have gutted the funding for Focus on Energy, and we are writing today to ask that you use your veto authority to restore this crucial job-creating, ratepayer-saving funding, which has no impact on the state budget.
Give Republican legislators a permit to carry power and somehow they aim right for their own job-creating foot. Amazing.

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