Free Bike Cages Offer Safe Parking for Commuters

Secure Bike Parking Encourages Multi-Modal Commutes
We TreeHuggers love bicycles – but even our obsession may be beaten by the team at StreetFilms who practically live, breathe and eat bicycles and other forms of sustainable transportation. Only yesterday we looked at their coverage of LA’s many bike co-ops, and today we bring you another exploration of best practice – this time from the Greater Boston area. More on this, as well as other examples of innovative bike parking around the world, below the fold. Alewife Station, Cambridge, is home to innovative new free bike parking facilities that boast protection from the rain, smart card access, and 24 hour surveillance – encouraging commuters to combine biking with mass transit to ease congestion. And to top all that it is just yards away from Boston’s Minuteman bike trail.

There's no doubt that secure bike parking can make a huge difference to would-be cyclists worried about security or convenience. From Riverside, CA's lockable Bike Lid facilities, through to the space-age looking Cycle Pod being tested in the UK, there doesn't seem to be any shortage of designers looking to reinvent the way we store our wheels. The prize for sheer technological overkill still has to go to the Japanese with their automated, underground bike storage units (follow the link for a mind-boggling video). Now if the massive US infrastructure overhaul that's planned in the name of economic stimulus could just include upgrades to bike facilities...

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