Freakonomics on Global Warming


Stephen Dubner, co-author of the wildly successful book Freakonomics, writes a column for the New York Times and asks "What Should We Really Be Doing About Global Warming? A Freakonomics Quorum." Quorum (I thought the word was being used improperly but one definition is "a select group) members include Ben Ho, assistant professor of economics at Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management and former energy and transportation economist for the White House Council of Economic Advisers, Colin Camerer, professor of business economics at Caltech and a leading light in behavioral economics and neuroeconomics, Adam Grosser, a general partner at the venture capital firm Foundation Capital, Jason Pontin, editor and publisher of the M.I.T.-owned Technology Review, and our own Graham Hill. who concludes with "Climate change can’t be solved with a top-down approach only, so the more people join in, the closer we get to the green tipping point."

Avoid the trolling comments but read the article in the ::New York Times